PP-R system ARCTIC

System ARCTIC - polypropylene pipes and fittings is designed for sanitary and potable water applications, as well as for heating installations of residential, administrative and industrial buildings.

Distinctive features of system ARCTIC are the high quality PPR-C material, high pressure and abrasion resistance, tolerance to a number of chemical reagents.

Качествен материал
Quality material

All products are made from 100% fresh high quality polypropylene following the latest technologies in the field. The excellent quality of the material contributes to faster installation and a better bond between the individual elements of the system.

Гладка вътрешна повърхност
Smooth inner surface

The smooth inner surface of the pipes leads to tiny pressure loss.

Отлична термоустойчивост
Resistance to pressure and heat

Excellent technical indicators of performance and endurance under high temperature and pressure.

Бърз и лесен монтаж
Quick and Easy installation

Reliable, fast and easy installation through electro-fusion welding

Толерантност към редица химични реагенти
High resistance to chemical reagents

The inherent high chemical resistivity of the PPR basis allows the application of system ARCTIC in highly polluted areas.

10 години гаранция
10 years warranty

System ARCTIC comes with 10 years limited warranty.


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