Universal drain boxes

Universal drain boxes

Multiple collection shaft system complements and extends the possibilities of applying a linear drainage system Xdrain. Shafts can collect drainage from the linear drainage system and serve as a point drainage element. Provide direct access for revision and easier maintenance. An important function of the shafts is to capture inert waste and to prevent drainage pipes from clogging. They can be used to collect water from gutters, in the garden, garage, low yards, landscape sections, pool areas and many more. They have a barrier to the distribution of unpleasant odors from the sewerage network. Shafts and accessories are made of high-quality UV stabilized polypropylene copolymer (PP-C). * Made in the EU according to BDS EN 13598-1: 2015 and BDS EN 124-6: 201 and certified for load class A15. Depending on the size of the pit, holes are provided for connecting sewer pipes of different diameters from 50 mm to 315 mm.
* The information given is valid for covers and gratings with sizes 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm "

High quality material

All system components are made of UV stabilized polypropylene copolymer (PP - C), which is not corrosion resistant and keeps its shape stable.

UV resistance

Shafts and accessories for them are characterized by resistance to UV radiation, atmospheric influences and chemical agents.

Mechanical resistance

Enhanced lid design and grilles ensure their high mechanical resistance.

Convenient storage

Exclusive design allows storage of many items, occupying less space and easier transportation.


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