PVC SOFFIT is an optimal solution for durable and aesthetic performance of the eaves beneath roofs . It is designed for eaves lining in order to improve the appearance of the building and prevent nesting of birds. The wooden-like soffit is not affected by moisture, it prevents mold formation and provides reliable pest protection.

Available colors

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Бърз и лесен монтаж
Quick and easy installation

The connection of the panels by the "CLICK" mechanism features fast, easy and reliable installation. Fixing profiles by connecting "H" and the terminating "J" profiles eliminates the possibility of displacement of the panels.

Устойчив на влага
Resistance to mildew and humidity

The perforated panels provide adequate ventilation of the roof and prevent the retention of moisture and mildew.

Минимална поддръжка
Minimum maintenance

The system does not require painting or additional maintenance. Cleaning can be done with jets of water and without other specialized detergents and tools.

Подбрана цветова гама
Available in the most popular colors

Devorex offers an attractive color range consistent with the most commonly used colors of windows, doors and roof elements, to give finished look of your home.

25 години гаранция
25 years warranty

System SOFFIT comes with 25 years limited warranty.


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