Devorex Lab - We set standards for quality!

Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for the customers. Our advanced, on-site laboratory Devorex Lab, showcases Devorex mission and vision – a perfect balance between utmost product quality and environmental sustainability. 
To fulfill the highest expectations of the customers, our experienced laboratory personnel perform numerous production control tests and various research projects. The laboratory is competent in terms of equipment and experts to test the effects of heating, natural and artificial light exposure, water impermeability on the products and to examine the color, mechanical, chemical and rheological properties of polymer-based products. 

We have the know-how and equipment of preparing our own masterbatches and compounds, thus we can guarantee high-performance products for a wide range of applications and production processes. The laboratory is designed to formulate tailor-made colors and all colors according to the RAL standard.
DevorexLab is equipped with technologies from the leading companies in the development, manufacture, and distribution of instruments and equipment for testing material quality and physical characteristics in all fields such as: Brabender, SPL Atlas, QSun, Gretag Macbeth, Sciteq, Zwick Roell.
In today's dynamic business climate, companies are continually looking for ways to reduce operating costs. That is why Devorex Lab is constantly working to provide outsourcing activities of highest level. We can provide trained laboratory personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, consistent and reliable results. Working in accordance with the TUV Rheinland quality standards, DevorexLab delivers the assurance and convenience that needs and specifications will be met timely, with the highest of customer care.

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