Linear drainage system XDRAIN

Linear drainage system XDRAIN

System XDRAIN - linear drainage channels covers a wide range of applicable loads - from A15 to C250, which makes it suitable for a wide range of projects from residential to infrastructural.

The ribbed structure of the channels (a total of 58 ribs) and numerous side chambers contribute to the optimal strength and durability of load operation and installation.

Load class

PP grating with reinforced design, ribbed pattern and anti-slip system, certified for load class


Galvanized steel grating with cross ribs and anti-slip system, certified for load class


Stainless steel grating, certified for load class


Cast iron grating, certified for load class

Exceptional resistance

The specially formulated, polymer composite structure of the channels ensures exceptionally high resistance to mechanical shocks and very low expansion/ shrinkage due to temperature changes.

Устойчива конструкция
Sustainable construction

Numerous side chambers for secure fixation in the concrete bed.

“Single click” заключващ механизъм
“Single click” locking systems

Ensures quick and secure locking of the metal/ polymer grating.

Гъвкавост при свързване
Flexibility in design

Grants possibility for side connection of the channels and allows quick and easy installation.

Бърз и лесен монтаж
Quick and easy installation

User-friendly installation, which does not require any specialized tools. The lightweight of the channels and their fittings eases the installation works.

Ново! Решетка от полиамид
New! Polyamide grating

The grating is produced from glass-filled polyamide (PA6 GF35), sturdy, durable material with very good UV protection. The channels with polyamide grating are certified for load class C250.


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