PMMA system CLASSIC 120

PMMA system CLASSIC 120

System CLASSIC 120  is designed for roof drainage of small and medium-sized residential, administrative and light - industry buildings. Distinguishing characteristics of the system include high resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations, state-of-the-art UV protection, quick and easy installation through the assembly system "SINGLE CLICK".

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Бърз и лесен монтаж
Innovative material

a combination of traditional PVC and acrylic material of new generation provides mechanical strength, elasticity, resistance to aging, fading and chemicals.

Симетричен профил
Resistant to external influences

Laboratory tests show that the material is characterized by extremely high resistance to aggressive atmospheric influences. Factors such as solar radiation, extreme air temperatures, heavy snowfall, and acid rain do not affect the gutters of PMMA.

Оцветяване и UV устойчивост
No maintenance required

fully resistant to corrosion, gutters do not require painting, they are easy to keep clean, which helps for their trouble-free use for many years.

Универсален ъгъл
Color under control

All system components are extremely resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays.

10 години гаранция
Metal particles

The material contains particles copper, which provide in depth metallic effect.

Универсален ъгъл
12 year warranty

Long-term operation of the system after correct installation  is supported by a 12 year warranty.


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