PVC system CLASSIC 120

PVC system CLASSIC 120

System CLASSIC 120  is designed for roof drainage of small and medium-sized residential, administrative and light - industry buildings. Distinguishing characteristics of the system include high resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations, state-of-the-art UV protection, quick and easy installation through the assembly system "SINGLE CLICK".

The colors black and silver are made under conditions of minimum order value. 

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Бърз и лесен монтаж

The “SINGLE CLICK” gutter assembly system allows quick and effortless jointing without gluing. The tri-fold gaskets lining each connecting element prevent leakages and adequately compensate thermal expansions and contractions of the polymer.

Симетричен профил
SYMMETRICAL gutter profile

The half-round gutter shape makes CLASSIC 120 practical and easy to install system.

Оцветяване и UV устойчивост
State-of-the-art uv protection

The UV protection integrated in the structure of the polymeric material is specially developed to meet the critical requirements of the PVC rainwater management and guarantees homogeneous and long-lasting product appearance

Универсален ъгъл

Designed to enhance the optimum performance of system CLASSIC 120,by allowing its installation on roofs with ​​custom design.

10 години гаранция
10 years limited warranty

Devorex warrants quality and performance of installations with system CLASSIC 120 within a period of 10 years


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