PVC system ELEGANCE 140

PVC system ELEGANCE 140

System ELEGANCE 140 is designed for roof drainage of medium and large - sized residential, administrative and light - industry buildings.

System ELEGANCE 140 features versatile, double-sided gutter design, innovative thermal compensation system and modern "hanging" construction of the gutters, with brackets completely hidden behind the gutter face.

Available colors

Двулицев профил
Versatile design

System ELEGANCE 140 conveniently combines two elegant gutter styles in one product for higher flexibility.

Изчистена линия
Hidden brackets

The modern, “hanging” construction of system ELEGANCE 140 employs strong gutter brackets, completely hidden behind the gutter face.

Надежден монтаж
Reliable installation

The state-of the-art, integrated system, engineered by DEVOREX, for secure fixation and reliable thermal compensation, guarantees watertight installation.

Оцветяване и UV устойчивост
State-of-the-art UV protection

Utilizing the advantages of the latest generations of UV light stabilizers and high performance colorants, the UV protection of the rainwater system is specially developed to meet the critical requirements of the PVC rainwater management.

10 години гаранция
10 years limited warranty

Devorex warrants quality and performance of installations with system ELEGANCE 140 within a period of 10 years.


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