WPC Decking

WPC Decking

System WPC Decking Devorex is an excellent solution for flooring with a wide range of applications. It is produced from an innovative WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material, which is composed of 45% pure PVC and 45% high-quality wood particles. The remaining 10% is reserved for additives which improve the quality of the products. The combination of wood and plastic ensures the formation of resistant material that retains its excellent characteristics for many years without the need for additional maintenance.

The colors - Grey, Wallnut, Light brown are produced on demand

Available colors



The WPC composite technology ensures durability and strength. The board is resistant to abrasion, external mechanical forces, weathering and biological agents, saltwater and chlorine. It does not require maintenance and service work so that you can save time and money.


The use of composite boards is very broad: from balconies and terraces, through pool and pond borders, along with sailing piers.

Sustainable colours

Through the use of high-quality pigments and UV filter additives, developed in collaboration with renowned world producers, we have obtained excellent colour fastness of the products in all weather conditions.

Do not require maintenance nor painting

The board do not require any impregnation, and yet they do not lose their properties over time.

Aesthetic appearance of a terrace 

The boards are perfectly straight, free of knots and cracks. In addition, non-deformable and not bulging. With mounting clips for terrace composite boards, there are no visible screws and nails, which improves terrace aesthetics.


Devorex composite boards retain their properties even under changing weather conditions and after many years of use.


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