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Devorex EAD was founded in 2004 with the main purpose of developing innovative solutions, that meet the ever-changing requirements of customers in the field of water management, in construction sector. Since its establishment, the company has been continuously improving its products, expanding the assortment and the markets in which it is present worldwide. In recent years, Devorex has established excellent relationships with some of the largest, worldwide scale, DIY store chains, among which Praktiker, HomeMax, Mr. Bricolage etc.

is a fast-growing, international company with a vision for making innovative, functional and ecological products. The main principles and objectives to which the company strives for success are:
Creation and implementation of high-quality production.
High level of customer satisfaction.
Constant optimization of production processes.
Care for the environment.

Presence on global markets.

Today the company is a leader on the Bulgarian and Romanian market. Devorex trademarked products are widely represented through its collaboration with the leading retailers and wholesalers of construction materials. Internationally, the products of the company are presented through its own establishments and business partners in over twenty countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.


Quality is the main and determining factor for customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today`s highly competitive business environment, better quality determines higher added value for the customer. With focus on optimum quality, each production batch is carefully tested in-house laboratory. The final output and environmental friendliness. The laboratory is equipped with the latest generation instruments and can carry out multiple production control tests as well as various project developments. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to prepare our own colorants and compounds, thus ensuring products of proven quality for a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes. The laboratory is designed to formulate colorants tailored to specific colors and all colors, according to RAL standard.

DevorexLab is equipped with technologies from the leading companies in the development and production of instruments and equipment to test material quality and physical characteristics such as: Barbender, SPL Atlas, QSun, Gretag Macbeth, Sciteq, Zwick Roell. In today`s dynamic climate, businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce operating costs. This is why DevorexLab is constantly working to provide outsourcing activities at the highest level. We can provide experienced laboratory staff and the most advanced facilities, in the field, consistent and reliable results. Working in accordance with quality standards, DevorexLab provides the assurance and the comfort that the needs and specifications of all our customers will be met precisely and promptly.

Distribution Network

Our distribution network spreads out four continents. Through our interactive map you can locate the most suitable one near you.

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Applications allow you to value and visualize your product.


Installation of Devorex systems is carried out by authorized representatives throughout Bulgaria.

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