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PVC system ELEGANCE 140

PVC system ELEGANCE 140

System ELEGANCE 140 is designed for roof drainage of medium and large- sized residential, administrative and light-industry buildings.

Distinctive features of system ELEGANCE 140 are the versatile, double-sided gutter design, innovative thermal compensation system and modern "hanging" construction of the gutters, with brackets completely hidden behind the gutter face.

Two-faced profile

The ELEGANCE 140 system conveniently combines two elegant shapes in one product.

Reliable installation

The innovative system for more stable grip and compensation of temperature expansions and contractions guarantees a leak-free system.

Clean line

The clean line of the ELEGANCE 140 system is due to the brackets completely hidden behind the face of the gutter.

Coloring and UV resistance

Devorex offers attractive and long-lasting colors with exceptional UV resistance.

10 years warranty

Devorex provides a 10-year warranty on all elements of the ELEGANCE 140 system.

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Installation of Devorex systems is carried out by authorized representatives throughout Bulgaria.

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