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PVC system CLASSIC 120

PVC system CLASSIC 120

CLASSIC 120 is designed for roof drainage of small and medium-sized residential, administrative and light - industry buildings. 

Distinguishing characteristics of system CLASSIC 120 include high resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations, state-of-the-art UV protection, quick and easy installation through the assembly system "SINGLE CLICK".

*The colors black and silver are subject to a minimum order value .

Quick and easy installation

The connection of the gutters and their connecting elements by means of a “SINGLE CLICK” mechanism facilitates a quick and easy installation, without gluing. Silicone gaskets on gutter connectors compensate for temperature expansion and contraction of the material and prevent leaks.

Coloring and UV resistance

Devorex offers attractive and durable colors through innovative in-depth coloring of the polymer material and exceptional UV resistance.

Symmetrical gutter profile

The semi-circular, symmetrical shape of the CLASSIC 120 system gutter makes it a practical, easy to operate and keep in stock product.

Wide-spread applicability приложимост

Extends the application possibilities of the CLASSIC 120 drainage system, allowing its installation on roofs with non-standard structures.

10 years warranty

Devorex provides a 10-year warranty on all elements of the CLASSIC 120 system.

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